5 Factors to Determine your Car Insurance

Here are the top 5 factors that affect car insurance premiums: 5 Factors to Determine your Car Insurance
Gender like age, there is really nothing you can do about this. Men are generally perceived to be the potential dangerous drivers and not the females. hence, females get lower rates.
Age younger drivers, particularly teenagers, receive higher premiums for nothing else but age. Inexperienced drivers also receive this because their not yet considered mature with their driving. There is really nothing that can be done about this: you get older, you get better at driving and your rates will eventually go down.Type of Vehicle we would all love to cruise around on a Pontiac Solstice or Porsche Boxter but you wont believe the kind of rates these kinds of cars get. If you want lower premiums, get a car with a lower price.
Auto Insurance Companies now this is something you can control. Despite the determining factors, some companies just offer lower rates than others. Its up to you to choose.
Driving Violations � this is another thing you can certainly control. While it may be so tempting to race around town upon getting your license, a police ticket is not worth it. It may be a single ticket, but it can do wonders to your insurance premiums as insurance companies keep track of your driving record.

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